Two New Joe Quotes

28 04 2012

After searching all over the internet to find something to write about, I just kept coming back to the same thing. Joe Biden added two new great gaffes to his already extensive list. First was his comment about Obama “has a big stick” and then came his remark to donors telling them that “You look dull as hell… pretend you like me.”

Oh, you gotta love Joe, and now I think I’m going to start playing a drinking game for each stupid thing he says in a week. Small comments like the “big stick” and the previous “I had a successful dump” get one shot, while the “pretend you like me” and the racist “You cannot go to 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent” get 2 shots.

We all have our fair share of dumb quotes (see Obama “57 states” and Rick Perry forgetting which agencies he wanted to cut), but Joe just doesn’t think before he talks. If I really wanted to get caught up on the amount of dumb quotes he has said, I would be in the hospital for alcohol poisoning. I will admit that he does seem like a really nice man, but really nice people do not always make the best Vice Presidential choices.

I leave you with the question, would we really be worse with Sarah Palin as VP because I don’t think we would.

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Jimmy Carter Okay With A Romney Presidency

27 04 2012

In a recent interview on MSNBC, former President Jimmy Carter said that he would be comfortable with Romney as president. This is a huge blow to the Obama campaign who is trying to convince Democrats and Independents that Romney would not be a good president.

Carter cites Romney’s moderate views and ability to work with Democrats in Massachusetts as his reasoning behind this, which is the reason that most Independents will choose Romney over Obama in the general election.

I know that many conservatives would rather see someone who is not as moderate and is more right wing than Romney, but most people voted for the candidate who they felt was most likely to win a general election, which is Romney.

The question has come up a few times about whether or not Romney can still appeal to the  deep south and the conservatives there, which he definitely will. Most people realize that Romney is much more conservative than Obama, and the Southern states will rally behind Romney.

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Is The Arizona Immigration Law Really Hated?

26 04 2012

The liberal media has made it seem that the majority of Americans hate the new Arizona SB 1070 immigration law. Actually according to a Quinnipiac poll, 68 percent of Americans said that they supported the law, while 27 said that they opposed in. In conjunction, 62 percent said that the Supreme Court should not strike down the law and 27 percent said that they should.

This seems to me that it is not as worrying to the general American public as the media has successfully painted this law in a negative light. Many people think that this law allows for police officers to ask random people for proof of citizenship, but in reality, it says that police officers should ask everyone, regardless of skin color, for proof of citizenship after a crime has been committed.

For all of the people who believe that this will lead to racial profiling, this is completely wrong. All people should be asked for citizenship proof if they have committed a crime, and honestly if this is what should have already been occurring before this law ever existed.

Just like with the Voter ID laws, Democrats are just using this as an excuse to paint Republicans as racists in order to get votes. This is complete pettiness and is completely ridiculous. These latest polls are just signs that point towards the fact that Americans are starting to see through the cover-ups of the liberal media.

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Obama Visits Swing States In “Presidential” Trips

24 04 2012

Since he has been president, Barack Obama has traveled to Ohio and Florida 36 times as “presidential” trips. On average, Obama has been to one of these two states about once a month.

Not only has he been to Ohio 20 times and Florida 16, he has also been to other top swing states multiple times. He has been to Pennsylvania 15 times, Michigan 11 and North Carolina 10. All of these times he has been on tax payer money because they have been planned as presidential visits to make big policy announcements.

Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, said, “So you’re saying he cannot make official event — make official trips to a significant portion of the country because you guys have declared them battleground states.”

This is just complete ridiculousness aimed at trying to make conservatives look like petty idiots. We all know that the president is in a major campaign, but he cannot be allowed to pretend that these presidential trips are not campaign stops.

Just last week, Obama spoke to students at Florida Atlantic University and condemned Republicans for spending cuts, which caused students to start chanting “Four more years!”I don’t know what this sounds like to you, but for me, it sounds like a campaign rally.

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Romney And Rubio Becoming BFFs

24 04 2012

This afternoon, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared at campaign rally in Aston, Pennsylvania. This is further fueling speculation that Rubio might be the Republican Vice Presidential nominee.

Since Rick Santorum suspended his campaign a few weeks ago, Mitt Romney has become the presumptive nominee, which has encouraged the media to start speculating about who will be the VP nominee. Even though Rubio keeps saying that he does not want to take the nomination, this campaign spot is a sign that Romney might be trying to sway his mind.

This is not the first time this election season that we have seen someone’s mind swayed into running. We saw Rick Perry convinced into running for president after vehemently denying it, so who says that Romney cannot convince Rubio to take the nomination.

Romney called Rubio “an extraordinary leader” and even let him answer a few questions. Rubio said that he looked forward to being part of the journey, but declined to discuss the Vice Presidential process anymore.

Thursday, Rubio slipped up and hinted at his interest in the position. “Three, four, five, six, seven years from now, if I do a good job as vice president — I’m sorry, as senator — I’ll have the chance to do all sorts of things,” Rubio said.

I guess we will find out at the end of the summer who the nominee will be.

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Some Dems May Not Vote For Obama

21 04 2012

My apologies for not having a post yesterday. It was in no way related to any 4/20 activities.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) said Friday that he is unsure if he will vote for Obama or Romney in November. He said that they both have faults, citing energy and economic policies for Obama and lack of understanding of ordinary people for Romney.

Manchin said many of his constituents in West Virginia believe that the last 3 1/2 years haven’t been good for them. He is also encouraging Americans to support any president no matter what political party he or she belongs to.

West Virginia has supported the Republican candidate in the last three presidential election, including 2008 when Obama lost to McCain 56-43 percent. Also, Manchin is considered one of the most moderate Democrats in the Senate and has split with his party on many issues.

Since he is up for reelection this year, at first this seems like it could simply just be a publicity stunt to try and convince his conservative constituents that he more conservative than he really is. However, he isn’t considered vulnerable against his Republican rival. Because of this, this shows the skepticism that many people have concerning another four years of Obama. This is a major problem when a president’s own political party doesn’t have faith in him.

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Leon Panetta Has Spent $860,000 On Flights Home

20 04 2012

Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, has flown 27 times to his home in Monterery, Calif. since becoming Secretary in July. Each flight costs approximately $32,000, and he is only required to pay the cost of a commercial plane ticket.

According to department rules, he is required to fly on a military plane with communications equipment; however, he loses credibility in his argument because he is proposing Defense budget cuts and issuing orders that make soldiers that receive less than $20,000 a year to move their entire family across the country. The cost of Panetta’s trips is actually even more than the scandal-filled GSA weekend in Vegas, which is receiving an extraordinary about of media coverage.

This is yet another controversy in the Obama administration that never should have happened. It is time that we take back the Senate and the White House!

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