McCain Lead in the Polls?

11 04 2012

Most people believe that the 2008 presidential election was never a close race once the Democratic nomination fight was over. However, the McCain/Palin ticket actually was leading the Obama/Biden ticket from September 7-16. Obama’s polling numbers spiked on September 4, but then began to drop whenever McCain announced Palin as his running mate. There was so much excitement around a woman Vice Presidential nominee, that many people changed their minds about who they were voting for.

I am sure you are all wondering why I bring this up since we all know how that election turned out. It shows the importance of getting a Vice Presidential nominee who can create a lot of excitement, but can keep that excitement going until November. Many names have been thrown around the past few days, but the names that seem like the best choice have said that they are not really interested. This is a huge blow to the Republican party if they cannot convince someone like Rubio or Daniels to join the ticket. Allen West, on the other hand, says that he would accept the offer to become the VP nominee; however, some people believe that he would make a horrible candidate to try and appeal to moderates and women. Many people keep throwing around Rob Portman and Bob McDonnell have also been thrown around, but they both seem like too much of what we already think about a stereotypical GOP. Two other names that seem like they have only been thrown around out of desperation of minority voters are Susanna Martinez and Bobby Jindal. This being said, every Republican’s name has been mention; I’ve even heard Bob Corker of Tennessee be mentioned, and that for sure won’t happen.

This race is wide open, and could possibly depend on the VP nominee.

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