The Secret Service Pays Biden!

14 04 2012

Last year, Vice President Joe Biden earned $20,900 from the Secret Service! Yes, you read that right, they paid him.

The Secret Service paid Joe Biden rent on a “cottage” on his property that the Secret Service is leasing for agents to stay in to protect him. This money is coming from tax payer money, and is ridiculous because the Bidens made $379,035 last year and gave less than 1.5 percent of their income to charity. This just sounds like the Bidens are really tight with their money and only want to spend it on themselves.

When Bill Clinton was in office, a similar arrangement was made for the Secret Service to rent a property from the Clintons. However, the biggest difference in these two cases is that the Clintons refused to take an payment from the Secret Service. This is exactly how it should be done.

This whole situation shows the greediness of the current administration and is just another reason that they cannot be in office any longer.

Like always, below are my sources, and feel free to comment below!




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