The End Of The Economy?

17 04 2012

If government spending doesn’t slow down, the economy as we know it could end in 2027. After Tim Geithner presented Obama’s budget, Paul Ryan showed a Congressional Budget Office chart that estimates that the American economy will shut down in 2027

The reasoning for this? Government Spending.

So according to this chart, the access government spending that the Obama administration has added to with massive bailout will cause the American economy to collapse in 15 years. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is definitely proof enough that Congress should pass the Balanced Budget Amendment, but Obama and Harry Reid have made sure that this wouldn’t be passed until at least 2013.

Conveniently for Obama, an Australian research scientist has recently come out and said that the MIT research from 1972 is still on track for the global economy to start collapsing in 2030. It looks like we will just be leading the pack in yet another thing.

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