Obama and Romney In A Dead Heat

18 04 2012

With the Republican nomination fight basically over, its seems that most conservatives are starting to rally around Romney. According to a poll released by CBS News and the New York Times, Obama and Romney are locked in a dead heat with both polling 46 percent.

This is a significant boost for the Romney campaign because the last CBS/NY Times poll had Obama up by 3. According to the overall RCP Average, Obama is still up 1.7 percent, but the most recent three polls, CBS/NY Times, Rasmussen and Gallup, do not give the president a lead (Rasmussen gives Romney a 4 point lead and Gallup gives him a 4 point lead).

After Santorum suspended his campaign, Republican primary voter support has jumped from 30 percent in March to 54 percent now.

The numbers could just simply be reflecting peak in interest due to the Santorum campaign’s suspension similar to the rise in poll numbers after Palin’s announcement as VP in 2008. This race can go either way right now, and I still say that this race will depend heavily on who becomes the Vice Presidential nominee for the Republicans.

I really want to know what you all think, so please comment below. Here are my sources:







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