Leon Panetta Has Spent $860,000 On Flights Home

20 04 2012

Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, has flown 27 times to his home in Monterery, Calif. since becoming Secretary in July. Each flight costs approximately $32,000, and he is only required to pay the cost of a commercial plane ticket.

According to department rules, he is required to fly on a military plane with communications equipment; however, he loses credibility in his argument because he is proposing Defense budget cuts and issuing orders that make soldiers that receive less than $20,000 a year to move their entire family across the country. The cost of Panetta’s trips is actually even more than the scandal-filled GSA weekend in Vegas, which is receiving an extraordinary about of media coverage.

This is yet another controversy in the Obama administration that never should have happened. It is time that we take back the Senate and the White House!

Here is my source:





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