Is The Arizona Immigration Law Really Hated?

26 04 2012

The liberal media has made it seem that the majority of Americans hate the new Arizona SB 1070 immigration law. Actually according to a Quinnipiac poll, 68 percent of Americans said that they supported the law, while 27 said that they opposed in. In conjunction, 62 percent said that the Supreme Court should not strike down the law and 27 percent said that they should.

This seems to me that it is not as worrying to the general American public as the media has successfully painted this law in a negative light. Many people think that this law allows for police officers to ask random people for proof of citizenship, but in reality, it says that police officers should ask everyone, regardless of skin color, for proof of citizenship after a crime has been committed.

For all of the people who believe that this will lead to racial profiling, this is completely wrong. All people should be asked for citizenship proof if they have committed a crime, and honestly if this is what should have already been occurring before this law ever existed.

Just like with the Voter ID laws, Democrats are just using this as an excuse to paint Republicans as racists in order to get votes. This is complete pettiness and is completely ridiculous. These latest polls are just signs that point towards the fact that Americans are starting to see through the cover-ups of the liberal media.

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2 responses

26 04 2012

What ever happene to our constitutional right to be “free in our persons and papers…”

And of course we continue to ignore the deeper issues- that we all expect “Cheap shit” – whether it’s our groceries, our houses, our hotel rooms, or our restaurant meals…but unskilled americans refuse to take the wages or the workload- insisting they deserve better…

As an employer- let me tell you- i will take an immigrant any day- and pay them better- because they have not only the kills but the work ethic americans lack.

26 04 2012

I completely agree with you on the fact that Americans are lacking a work ethic and think that they are better than certain jobs that immigrants do. However, if the current administration cracks down on people who are receiving benefits of all kinds when they are perfectly able to work, this will not be as much of a problem. I am not at all talking about not allowing legal immigrants to work. This is an issue of people who are cheating the system in order to get ahead, which is not okay. My family owns three different businesses, and we have never hired any illegal immigrants because that is not fair to other people who are not cheating the system and trying to help their family.

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