Jimmy Carter Okay With A Romney Presidency

27 04 2012

In a recent interview on MSNBC, former President Jimmy Carter said that he would be comfortable with Romney as president. This is a huge blow to the Obama campaign who is trying to convince Democrats and Independents that Romney would not be a good president.

Carter cites Romney’s moderate views and ability to work with Democrats in Massachusetts as his reasoning behind this, which is the reason that most Independents will choose Romney over Obama in the general election.

I know that many conservatives would rather see someone who is not as moderate and is more right wing than Romney, but most people voted for the candidate who they felt was most likely to win a general election, which is Romney.

The question has come up a few times about whether or not Romney can still appeal to the  deep south and the conservatives there, which he definitely will. Most people realize that Romney is much more conservative than Obama, and the Southern states will rally behind Romney.

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2 responses

27 04 2012

Ha. The conservatives, who have for decades labeled him as the worst president ever, listen when he says something that supports their agenda?

I’ll give you- on many, many areas, there is little difference between Obama and Romney. Despite the rants of communist/socialist/marxist re: Obama, and despite Romney courting the far right in the primaries, Obama and romney both hover in the same middle ground circle on many issues.

The big difference of course, is that Romeny supports the big business policies that led to our economic collapse, while Obama is marginally opposed to them…

The evil of two lessors- yet again.

27 04 2012

The problem with your logic saying that Romney supports big business which led to our economic collapse is that big businesses have to run our economy in order for it to work. The ironic part about President Obama’s, and your, opposition to big businesses is that you actually prefer big government policies. The government cannot control businesses, and when they start doing that, it will ruin our economy even more, which is what has happened in the past 3 years. You cannot argue that prices have gone up even more since Bush left office and Obama came in. Maybe the reality is that Obama’s anti big business policies have made things a lot worse than they were in the past. The prime example of big government ruining the economy is the fall of the Soviet Union, which was just that.

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