Veepstakes Tuesdays: Paul Ryan

29 05 2012

One Republican who has stood out in the past few years as one of the GOP’s rising stars is Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Ryan is the sometimes controversial Chairman of the House Budget Committee, who is known for is fiscally conservative budgets that have challenged both Republicans and Democrats to make drastic spending cuts.

Ryan first was elected to Congress in 1998 at the age of 28 and has made a name of himself in the political arena. He easily won reelection in 2008 & 2010 despite the fact that Obama carried his district in 2008.

Ryan has made a lot of noise in the media recently, not just with his spending-slashing budgets, but with his attacks of Obama. Just last week, he told a crowd at the Reagan Library in California, “We face not just a failed president, but a failed ideology.”

He has been campaigning for Romney since he endorsed him before the Wisconsin primary. When asked about taking the nomination, Ryan said that he has not shut down the idea, and would need to have that conversation with his wife if asked to be the nominee.

Ryan does come from a state that is currently being considered a toss-up by RCP, which could help Romney get to that all important 270 electoral votes. He also has a lot of name recognition across the country, and is younger and can appeal to younger crowd. However, his budget proposals have created a lot of controversy, and his age could hurt him with people saying that he is too young for the job.

I don’t think that Ryan will get the nomination because Romney has said that he ultimately would like to take someone who has been governor of a state as his nominee.

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Campaigning with Trump & Gingrich

24 05 2012

Next Tuesday, Mitt Romney will hold an event in Las Vegas with Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump. The event will take place at Trump’s International Hotel, and Romney is raffling a chance to have dinner with Trump for people who donate to the campaign.

This event puts two very influential people together backing Romney, which can only help Romney. Trump and Gingrich both have many loyal followers, and some of them have yet to rally around Romney. Events with these people can help solidify the support of these people.

Another thing that this event brings into perspective is the the amount of fundraising gimmicks that Romney is using. He is constantly telling voters that if they donate a certain amount of money, they will be entered to win dinner with him, Ann or someone else. I honestly do not know how I feel about this, but he just must make sure that he doesn’t over do it.

With nearly all of the polls within the margin of error, this election is one for the records and could be still go either way.

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Veepstakes Tuesdays: Kelly Ayotte

22 05 2012

This week the Romney campaign said that it had narrowed down its short list of potential VP nominees and had contacted all of those who had made the list. While only Team Romney and the possible VP nominees know who is on that list, we can all still speculate who will be the best VP choices.

This week, I will feature New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte in my Veepstakes Tuesdays blog. Ayotte is the first female attorney general in New Hampshire, and is loved by many conservatives across the country. She has fought hard against abortions, taxes and gun bans. In 2010, she was the only woman elected to the Senate and was endorsed as one of Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies.”

Ayotte has been called “the perfect mate for Mitt Romney” by Joe Bettenfeld of the Boston Herald and is believed to give the Republican ticket a little bit of life.

Last month, Ayotte took to the campaign trail with Romney, who she endorsed months before the New Hampshire primary. Romney also has said in the past that he was considering Ayotte for the VP nomination, and she has said that she is open to taking the position. Ayotte has even said that she is looking forward to debating Joe Biden if she is picked for the slot.

Ayotte is a very confident woman who is not scared to take on someone who disagrees with her. She would give the ticket a little bit of fresh air that it would not have if some of the stereotypical Republican men were placed on the ballot. The only downfall is that she would be so closely related to Palin in the minds of the American public, which is not what the GOP wants. She is a lot stronger candidate than Palin was, and I think is probably a very probable nominee. She can steal some of the woman vote away from Obama as well as ensure New Hampshire goes red.

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Walker Gets Huge Endorsement

21 05 2012

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker received a major endorsement from the liberal-leaning Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the largest newspaper in Wisconsin.

This race has been a very high profile election because it is a recall election. State Democrats have slammed Walker for taking such a tough stance on unions in the state. the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel said, “Walker’s rematch with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was prompted by one issue: Walker’s tough stance with the state’s public-employee unions. It’s inconceivable that the recall election would be occurring absent that. And a disagreement over a single policy is simply not enough to justify a vote against the governor.”

Right now, most of Wisconsin agree. Walker holds a 6 point lead over Barrett in the polls. However, this race will not be over with until the polls close on election day. Everything will be scrutinized that both candidates will do over the next few weeks. Right now, many liberal sites are grilling Walker’s campaign for some “fraudulent” donations made to his campaign. There have been some claims from individuals saying that $5 have been donated to Walker’s reelection campaign. While, Barrett is still facing the tough task of unseating an incumbent who has committed no crime during a recall election.

This will be an extremely hard fought election, and it will be watched by the whole country.

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Obama Bio Claims He Was Born In Kenya

17 05 2012

While I have never been one to claim that Obama was not born  in Hawaii, and I actually, I have defended him on this and said that I had enough faith in our government to prevent someone who is not eligible to be president from becoming president, this bio clip from a promotional booklet produced in 1991 claims that Obama was born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.

This raises one of two questions with Obama. The first, and most obvious, is, “Was Obama actually born in this country?” If the answer to this is yes, then that raises the question, “Did Obama lie about where he was born to try and get ahead in the system?”

I personally, believe that Obama was born in Hawaii because like I said, I trust my government enough to figure this stuff out before he was elected. He has released a copy of his birth certificate, which could easily be faked, but is highly doubted because of all of the scrutiny that it has received.

So, this brings up the second question. Did Obama and Elizabeth Warren do the same thing? We all have found out that Warren claimed to be a minority in order to get friends… So did Obama claim to be born in Africa to stand out among others? In my opinion, he did. Which means that he will lie to get what he wants, which is not something the President of the United States should never have done. It brings up ethical questions about his character.

I’m going to end my post here because I have not seen any comments from the White House on the issue, and I am anxious to see what they have to say about this.

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Veepstakes Tuesdays: Bobby Jindal

15 05 2012

With many names floated around as potential Vice Presidential nominees, one that has consistently been near the top is Bobby Jindal. Jindal, the governor of Louisiana since 2007, is very popular across and fits a lot of the criteria for a great VP nominee.

Mitt Romney has said that he would like a VP that is or has been governor of a state; Jindal fits this criteria. One of the biggest criticisms against Palin in 2008 was her lack of experience; Jindal is currently serving his second gubernatorial term, so he has the experience. Romney has been criticized by the Tea Party for being  a moderate, but Jindal is a well-known conservative from the South who can ensure the conservative Southern vote goes to Romney and not a third party candidate.

Also, Jindal is a son of Indian immigrants, so he will ruin the Democrat’s strategy of saying that Republicans are racist. Also, he is Catholic, so he would help bring the Catholic that Obama is slowly losing because of his health care law to the Republicans. Also, and most importantly, he is uncontroversial and does not have a lot to attack.

The biggest downfall for Jindal is the fact that he gave the rebuttal to the State of the Union, and it was called disastrous by some. Because of this, his name dropped off of the likely Presidential nominee list. If he is selected as the VP nominee, he will need to better his speaking skills, and if he doesn’t, we could have another repeat of the 2008 VP nominee.

If Jindal is picked, he will be the first Indian-American on a national party ticket, which could create a lot of hype and could get a lot of people out to vote.

Overall, Jindal is one of the top potential VP nominees. He is still a little safe, but with recent polls showing Romney in the lead over Obama, a little safe might be the best choice. I personally think that there are a few better choices, but Jindal is right up at the top of the list.

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Walker Up Nine In Recall Election

14 05 2012

Democrats in Wisconsin have shown their true colors this past year by running away to avoid voting and then working harder to try and make their own lives easier by getting Gov. Walker into a recall election.

Just after the recall, most polls showed Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the margin of error. However, a new poll from We Ask America shows Walker up by nine percent over Barrett with a Walker getting  52 percent to Barrett’s 43 percent.

This is a huge blow to Democrats in the state who have let pettiness get in the way of politics. With the election taking place on June 5, this election is looking like a lost cause for the Wisconsin Democrats, who are blaming the DNC by saying that they are not giving them enough money and support to win this race.

Walker has a lot more money to spend than Barrett, so look for Walker to blow up the TV and radio airwaves with only a few weeks until the election, and look for Walker to retain his job as governor.

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