Veepstakes Tuesdays: Bob McDonnell

1 05 2012

I have decided to devote my Tuesdays to the discussion of who will be the VP nominee. Like I said a few weeks ago, I believe that the VP nominee will determine who will win this general election.

Everyday it seems that there is a different front runner in the VP race. Every week Romney is bringing out different top GOP politicians on the campaign trail with him. This week, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has been campaigning with Romney, which has fueled a lot of speculation about his chances in the VP nomination.

McDonnell, who endorsed Romney in January, is appearing with Romney at a fundraising event on Wednesday night and an event on Thursday. Also, McDonnell’s PAC, Opportunity, Virginia, is reserving TV air time in Virginia, specifically in the DC market. Since he cannot run for reelection due to term limits, the only reasons for this are to get his name out in the Washington community

McDonnell is an Army veteran who is widely respected as a fiscal conservative. He has high approval ratings, and it helps that he is from Virginia which will be a major swing state in 2012. Also, he is the chairman of the Republican Governors Association.

Theses tactics are pointing towards McDonnell having a great shot at being chosen as the VP nominee, and he would probably be a great VP. However, his approval ratings fell during the month of March and some polls have shown that Obama would still carry Virginia even if McDonnell was on the ballot with Romney. Despite the controversy, McDonnell is still one to watch out for on the ticket and in upcoming presidential elections.

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