Obama’s Anti-Muslim Campaign

7 05 2012

During President Obama’s reelection kick-off campaign in Virginia, police escorted a woman dressed ina black burka from the event. The woman apparently was wearing dark clothing and U.S. military pins and was carrying a book.

According to a police report, the woman cooperated with police; however, in the video she seems a little hesitant to go and you can hear her shouting. While news outlets are not saying what the reasons for her removal are, many people will assume that it is probably for terrorism reasons. I am not saying that this is the correct assumption to be made, but the fact is most people associate burkas with terrorism.

This is a huge blow to the Obama campaign that is coming when many Democrats are accusing Republicans of being racist, but now, the Republicans are able to accuse the Obama campaign of being racist. Will that happen? Probably not. Do I think it should happen? Absolutely not. It would be a horrible campaign ploy if Romney goes for that. I am sure at least one PAC will run an ad about this, and it will probably hurt Romney if they do.

The secret service said that they are investigating this incident, but I do not expect to ever hear an answer as to why this lady was removed from the event.

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