Veepstakes Tuesdays: Chris Christie

8 05 2012

With a new poll this week just released, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s approval ratings are at a record-high 56 percent approval in the state. High approval ratings are a major need for a Vice Presidential candidate on the Republican Party ticket.

For a while, Christie has been considered as one of the top possible VP choices no matter who wins the nomination, but with his early backing of Romney, he seems very possible to be Romney’s nominee. He is very likable and popular across the country, and he won as a conservative while coming from a state that typically votes for Democrats. These are all great qualities in a VP nominee.

There are a few downfalls when it comes to Christie, though. He tends to be very outspoken and can sometimes strike people as being very arrogant. This has rubbed many people the wrong way. For example, when protesters where chanting, “Christie kills jobs,” he had this to say, “You know something may go down tonight, but it ain’t gonna be jobs, sweetheart.”

These kinds of remarks are the type that will get blown out of proportion by the liberal media if he is selected as the VP nominee. Overall, I think Christie would make a great VP and VP nominee, but I do feel that there are better potential nominees out there. Christie has said that he is not fully interested in the job, but Romney could convince him to do it.

To me, this sounds like he is interested in the job, and it would not take a lot of persuading by Romney to get him to do it.

Like always, here are my sources and feel free to comment below.




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