Veepstakes Tuesdays: Bobby Jindal

15 05 2012

With many names floated around as potential Vice Presidential nominees, one that has consistently been near the top is Bobby Jindal. Jindal, the governor of Louisiana since 2007, is very popular across and fits a lot of the criteria for a great VP nominee.

Mitt Romney has said that he would like a VP that is or has been governor of a state; Jindal fits this criteria. One of the biggest criticisms against Palin in 2008 was her lack of experience; Jindal is currently serving his second gubernatorial term, so he has the experience. Romney has been criticized by the Tea Party for being  a moderate, but Jindal is a well-known conservative from the South who can ensure the conservative Southern vote goes to Romney and not a third party candidate.

Also, Jindal is a son of Indian immigrants, so he will ruin the Democrat’s strategy of saying that Republicans are racist. Also, he is Catholic, so he would help bring the Catholic that Obama is slowly losing because of his health care law to the Republicans. Also, and most importantly, he is uncontroversial and does not have a lot to attack.

The biggest downfall for Jindal is the fact that he gave the rebuttal to the State of the Union, and it was called disastrous by some. Because of this, his name dropped off of the likely Presidential nominee list. If he is selected as the VP nominee, he will need to better his speaking skills, and if he doesn’t, we could have another repeat of the 2008 VP nominee.

If Jindal is picked, he will be the first Indian-American on a national party ticket, which could create a lot of hype and could get a lot of people out to vote.

Overall, Jindal is one of the top potential VP nominees. He is still a little safe, but with recent polls showing Romney in the lead over Obama, a little safe might be the best choice. I personally think that there are a few better choices, but Jindal is right up at the top of the list.

If you have someone you would like me to discuss next Tuesday, comment below and tell me who. Like always, here are my sources:




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