Veepstakes Tuesdays: Kelly Ayotte

22 05 2012

This week the Romney campaign said that it had narrowed down its short list of potential VP nominees and had contacted all of those who had made the list. While only Team Romney and the possible VP nominees know who is on that list, we can all still speculate who will be the best VP choices.

This week, I will feature New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte in my Veepstakes Tuesdays blog. Ayotte is the first female attorney general in New Hampshire, and is loved by many conservatives across the country. She has fought hard against abortions, taxes and gun bans. In 2010, she was the only woman elected to the Senate and was endorsed as one of Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies.”

Ayotte has been called “the perfect mate for Mitt Romney” by Joe Bettenfeld of the Boston Herald and is believed to give the Republican ticket a little bit of life.

Last month, Ayotte took to the campaign trail with Romney, who she endorsed months before the New Hampshire primary. Romney also has said in the past that he was considering Ayotte for the VP nomination, and she has said that she is open to taking the position. Ayotte has even said that she is looking forward to debating Joe Biden if she is picked for the slot.

Ayotte is a very confident woman who is not scared to take on someone who disagrees with her. She would give the ticket a little bit of fresh air that it would not have if some of the stereotypical Republican men were placed on the ballot. The only downfall is that she would be so closely related to Palin in the minds of the American public, which is not what the GOP wants. She is a lot stronger candidate than Palin was, and I think is probably a very probable nominee. She can steal some of the woman vote away from Obama as well as ensure New Hampshire goes red.

Here are my sources, and tell me who you want me to talk about next week:




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