Campaigning with Trump & Gingrich

24 05 2012

Next Tuesday, Mitt Romney will hold an event in Las Vegas with Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump. The event will take place at Trump’s International Hotel, and Romney is raffling a chance to have dinner with Trump for people who donate to the campaign.

This event puts two very influential people together backing Romney, which can only help Romney. Trump and Gingrich both have many loyal followers, and some of them have yet to rally around Romney. Events with these people can help solidify the support of these people.

Another thing that this event brings into perspective is the the amount of fundraising gimmicks that Romney is using. He is constantly telling voters that if they donate a certain amount of money, they will be entered to win dinner with him, Ann or someone else. I honestly do not know how I feel about this, but he just must make sure that he doesn’t over do it.

With nearly all of the polls within the margin of error, this election is one for the records and could be still go either way.

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