Veepstakes Tuesdays: Paul Ryan

29 05 2012

One Republican who has stood out in the past few years as one of the GOP’s rising stars is Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Ryan is the sometimes controversial Chairman of the House Budget Committee, who is known for is fiscally conservative budgets that have challenged both Republicans and Democrats to make drastic spending cuts.

Ryan first was elected to Congress in 1998 at the age of 28 and has made a name of himself in the political arena. He easily won reelection in 2008 & 2010 despite the fact that Obama carried his district in 2008.

Ryan has made a lot of noise in the media recently, not just with his spending-slashing budgets, but with his attacks of Obama. Just last week, he told a crowd at the Reagan Library in California, “We face not just a failed president, but a failed ideology.”

He has been campaigning for Romney since he endorsed him before the Wisconsin primary. When asked about taking the nomination, Ryan said that he has not shut down the idea, and would need to have that conversation with his wife if asked to be the nominee.

Ryan does come from a state that is currently being considered a toss-up by RCP, which could help Romney get to that all important 270 electoral votes. He also has a lot of name recognition across the country, and is younger and can appeal to younger crowd. However, his budget proposals have created a lot of controversy, and his age could hurt him with people saying that he is too young for the job.

I don’t think that Ryan will get the nomination because Romney has said that he ultimately would like to take someone who has been governor of a state as his nominee.

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