Obama Campaign Spent More During May Than It Made

21 06 2012

So Obama’s campaign spent more in the month of May than it raised. Ironically, this is the same strategy that Democrats use when they are in office.

Obama & the DNC spent $15 million more than he raised in May. They only raised $54 million last month, but spent $69 million. This is not the best sign for Obama’s campaign since Romney has begun to out fundraise Obama.

During the month of May, Obama raised $17 million less than Romney & the RNC, who raised $76.8 million in May. Not only is Romney out fundraising Obama, Restore Our Future, the pro-Romney super PAC, is out fundraising Priorities USA Action, the pro-Obama super PAC.

Luckily for Obama, he still ended May with $109.7 million in reserves, which is a 6-1 advantage over Romney. The reasoning for this is because Obama did not have to fight a primary election, which Romney definitely did have to do.

A majority of this money is being spent on advertising, specifically TV. I know that I have already begun to see multiple ads on cable networks.

I guess we will see how long this spending spree will last, and if Romney can keep out fundraising Obama.

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One response

21 06 2012

All of this money spent is ABSURD. We need to look at the Canadian model and learn something from it. American politicians spend too much time and money campaigning- two key factors in being a good leader outside of the campaign. Sometimes I wonder how well politicians are doing their job with campaigns that can last over a year…

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