Veepstakes Tuesday: Nikki Haley

26 06 2012

With the Republican National Convention only two months away, speculation is still running rampant on who will be Mitt Romney’s running mate. Romney is very persistent that only he and Beth Myers are the only ones who know who are being vetted for the VP job. For now, all we can do is speculate who that person might be.

One person who has been mentioned for a long time is South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Haley is the daughter of Indian immigrants, who was born and raised a Sikh before converting to Christianity when she met her husband.

She has supported Romney before the South Carolina primary, and he has also supported her in the 2010 gubernatorial race. She has made headlines for having a very strong-willed personality and going after what she wants. Today, she has made news by telling the state House and Senate to put their egos aside and get a budget passed. This is definitely a quality that could be used in a VP  roll, who ultimately acts as the speaker of the Senate.

Unfortunately, she is also making news headlines for her ethics investigation, which the hearings for start on Thrusday. This investigation is to determine if she illegally lobbied for her employers while she was a state representative.

Taking Haley as the VP nominee would be a huge risk for Romney, but sometimes risks pay off in great ways. Her approval ratings are slowly going up, and many South Carolinians believe that the state is back on the right track. However, this ethics investigation could really hurt Romney if she is placed on the ticket with him. I don’t think that she will get the nomination because she is too risky.

Here are my sources, and tell me who you want me to talk about next week:




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