Romney Speaks at NAACP Convention

12 07 2012

This week, presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee spoke at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Convention. Many people have questioned whether or not this was a good campaign move from the Romney team.

Some people have called his speech “hollow” and a “missed opportunity” because the people in the room were not his primary audience and he was booed twice. I watched a pathetic argument on The View this morning (don’t judge me, this whole feud with DirecTV and Viacom has severely limited the amount of channels I can watch). This argument consisted of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg basically saying that Romney was a horrible person. Then Elisabeth Hasselbeck started yelling at them because Romney can do no wrong. And finally, Sherri Sheperd came out with the best argument of all of them. She said that she respected what Romney did, but did not think that he chose the best language to use. She suggested that he have not talked about Obamacare because a majority of African Americans support it, but instead have focused on the fact that the unemployment rate among African Americans is significantly higher than among whites.

Personally, I agree with Sherri Sheperd by saying that he probably could have done a little better with tailoring his message towards the people he was speaking in front of. However, I think it did show a lot of Americans that he is being consistent with his message and that he is not going to compromise his integrity and pander to each audience.

What are you’re thoughts on Romney’s Speech?

Here are my sources:

The View (Episode aired on July 12, 2012)




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