Veepstakes Tuesdays: Tim Pawlenty

17 07 2012

Speculation has grown about the potential Vice Presidential nominee with Mitt Romney reportedly set to announce his choice at some point this week.  Some reports are saying that Romney has narrowed down his list to three people: Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman and Bobby Jindal.

To fuel this speculation even more, Romney’s team announced today that they have hired the VP staff. Randy Bumps, the former National Republican Senatorial Committee political director, will be the director of operations and Kevin Sheridian, a former Republican National Committee spokesman, will be the communications director.

Now back to the potentially last speculation post from me, and the business of breaking down the pros and cons of Pawlenty.

Pawlenty is the former Governor of Minnesota who served from 2003-2011, and is the only person who entered this Presidential race who is seriously being considered as a potential VP nominee, probably because he dropped out of the race before any of the primaries took place and endorsed Romney early on.

Pawlenty checks off many of the criteria that is needed for the VP candidate. He’s socially conservative, he can connect with working class voters, he is from the midwest and he has no direct ties to the still controversial Bush presidency. These things are all key in picking a VP nominee.

However, the biggest problem with Pawlenty is that he is one of the most boring guys in politics. There is even a mockery website called that lists nothing. Also, he doesn’t really bring a lot different to the ticket. As a governor, he doesn’t have foreign policy experience, he doesn’t excite a crowd and he doesn’t appeal to minority voters that Romney desperately needs.

With many people calling for Romney to pick a “safe” choice, Pawlenty’s name comes up a lot. However, for most people, he crosses the line from safe to boring, which is what Romney needs to stay away from.

Overall, I will be disappointed to see a Romney/Pawlenty ticket because I think there are many better people for the job. I will still support them, and hope that he can defeat Obama in November.

Comment with who you want to be Romney’s running mate & here are my sources:




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