Veepstakes Tuesday: When Romney Announce?

31 07 2012

In my last column, I said that Romney was set to announce within the next few days. Well, it has been two weeks, and we still do not know who his running mate will be. This has fueled the VP speculation even more in the past weeks, than ever before.

With Bob McDonnell now looking like the front runner, many people are just waiting to hear this confirmed or denied, so the big question is when will Romney announce?

Just today, the Romney campaign sent out emails telling people to download the official VP app. This app will supposedly bring the user breaking news about the VP announcement even before the media knows. While I am not 100 percent sure how this will work, it does show that the announcement will take place soon. The team is really pushing people to download this app not just through emails, but also on Facebook as well.

Since Romney is just returning to the country, it seems like this adds to the list of reasons why he will announce soon. He is kicking off his bus tour on August 10, which is when John McCain made is announcement of Sarah Palin. This is a lot later than many expected Romney to announce. He has said several times that he will announce a few weeks before the National Convention. While technically, this would be a few weeks before the Convention, it is a lot later than many believed.

Expect the announcement to come in the next week. They are upping their publicity surrounding the announcement, which the campaign itself has not done that much of. His staff knows that they cannot carry this out much longer or people will get bored with the drama, so they will be announcing soon. If I had to guess, I would say either Thursday or Saturday, but that is just my guess, and not official.

Here are my sources, and tell me who you want to see as the VP pick:




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