Veepstakes Special: Paul Ryan is Selected

11 08 2012

Romney/Ryan 2012
Image Credit: Shannon Stapleton/REUTERS

With the running mate now selected, this means game on for Mitt Romney.

When the news broke last night that Romney was set to announce his running mate this morning on the USS Wisconsin, the Twitter blew up with speculation that the nominee was Paul Ryan, and a few minutes later, top Republicans were leaking the confirmation of this speculation.

First let’s start off by discussing the timing of the announcement. I think this was a mistake from Romney’s camp. He waited a little too long to announce, and some of the excitement was gone. Also, he didn’t give enough time to really build up the announcement. The news broke around 10 o’clock central time and the announcement rally was coming at 8 o’clock central time the next morning, which was a Saturday. A lot of people do not check the news on Friday nights and then sleep in late on Saturday mornings.

Then there is the idea of the app that was going to announce it to everyone before the media knew. This announcement came around 6 o’clock this morning, while most people are still asleep, and it is only worse in time zones that are further west than I am. This basically made the app completely pointless.

As you can tell, I think the timing of the announcement was not the best, but now it’s time to talk about Ryan as the VP nominee.

Let me first start things off by saying that Ryan was not my favorite to be Romney’s running mate, but I think he is a good pick. With this choice, Romney shows that he is extremely focused on the economy, and is putting that as the number one, two and three priorities for this campaign. Ryan is the current Chairman of the House Budget Committee, and has made many headlines for his budgets. Democrats are set to attack these budgets which have featured severe cuts to medicare and social security. However, Romney needs to focus on the fact that Ryan is one of the only people who is consistently bringing a balanced budget to Congress.

Ryan is also a very young guy who has a proven record of appealing to moderates and women, which are two key demographics that Romney has struggled with and are needed to win in November. He is from the Midwest and can give boosts in several key states (Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio) that Republicans are trailing in. He showed during his speech this morning that he knows how to energize a crowd and that he isn’t afraid to call out the President on failed policies.

With Ryan on the ticket, to core conservative Republican base is excited and fired up about this election. Many top conservatives are praising Romney for his choice of Ryan; however, many top Democrats are just as excited about this because they see it playing into their strategy. Watching the news this morning, Joe Trippi, a top liberal strategist, is saying that Romney made the right choice to give this election a boost for Romney.

With mixed reactions from strategist, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think Marco Rubio might have been a better choice for a running mate, but Ryan is a great choice. The chemistry that the two have when they are campaigning is absolutely unmatched, and Ryan has shown that he has what it takes to win this election.




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