Does Hollywood Really Influence Voters?

30 10 2012

With many celebrities endorsing either Mitt Romney or Barak Obama, some are asking if these endorsements actually matter.

I definitely don’t think that these endorsements can hurt a candidate, but the big question is whether or not they help. I don’t believe that an endorsement from Lindsay Lohan won’t help Mitt Romney, but having Kid Rock play at a rally could bring out some undecided voters that could be swayed by a celebrity.¬†The same is true for Obama as well. If Beyonce plays at a rally for Obama, undecided voters might show up for that.

One place where celebrity endorsements matter the most is younger voter turnout. Younger voters tend to be more easily swayed and know less about the policies that make up an election, so if one of their favorite celebrities endorses a candidate, they are more likely to show up to the polls on election day and vote for that person.

Ultimately, in a 2008 these endorsements would really have effected the outcome of the election; however, with this election being so close in a handful of states that if the right celebrity shows up and campaigns for one of the candidates it actually could make a difference this time around.

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