Has Romney Forgotten About Attackable Issues?

1 11 2012

A lot of this election has focused on the two candidate repeating the same thing about the same issues over and over. However, there are several things that Romney should have brought up that could have hurt Obama more.

I think one of the biggest overlooked attackable issues is the Fast and the Furious scandal. This was a huge stain on Obama’s record because Americans were killed by foreigners using American weapons. This could have swayed a few undecided voters to Romney’s side because it could have gotten a lot of media traction since Obama doesn’t have strong counterargument when he is pressed on this issue. This could have effected some foreign policy decisions as well as immigration policies. However, the reason this might have been left out of discussions is because Romney might have wanted to stay away from anything that would bring up immigration talk because he knows that it might turn away some hispanic voters.

Another thing that hasn’t been discussed a lot has been gas prices. This has been brought up a little more than Fast and the Furious, but  it still is such a great topic that is very relatable to many Americans. He could easily blame Obama because gas prices have gone up significantly since he took office and he has blocked the passage of the pipeline which could have helped lower gas prices. The only downfall to this plan is that gas prices have dropped a little, and Romney would not want to make the Saudi’s angry with him by saying that we would cut some of our purchases from them.

While these are not the only things that could have been discussed more and these things were discussed some, these could obviously been discussed more and would have helped Romney.

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1 11 2012

The U.S. has been supplying foreigners with arms for at least a century and it always comes back around. Both parties are guilty. Also, our supply-demand ratio for oil in the U.S. has actually decreased in the past several years. Oil prices are really more dependent on foreign demand and futures markets than any action by the government.

1 11 2012


1 11 2012

I’m not arguing with that at all. Obviously, there has been a lot of controversy with this in the past, I can think of Reagan off of the top of my head. I was just simply saying from a campaign point of view that it might would have been helpful for Romney to attack that because Obama is extremely weak on that issue.

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