Dear Mr. President

19 07 2012

Dear Mr. President:

Regarding your remark made saying that successful people did not earn that success on their own that the government was the reason that businesses are successful, I take that offensively. Not for me, but for my parents. Both of them have built successful businesses without government help. If anything, their businesses have been on the decline in the recent years with more government  control (and the threat of even more) trying to creep into businesses, and if you cannot read reports, I will just go ahead and tell you that this is a very common occurrence right now across the country.

I disagree with your policies, and I find it utterly sickening that he would say that hard working Americans are not responsible for building their own successful businesses. When this country was founded, our government did not play a role in controlling businesses, and we developed into one of the strongest nations that history has ever seen. If we continue down this path, our country will fall to pieces and will no longer be this superpower we have grown up to know.

It is time to grow up and make bipartisan decisions that will help our country. Also, it’s time to quit blaming Bush and realize that some of your policies are not working. For the first two years of your term, you blamed Bush. Now, with a Republican controlled House, you blame them. I see a common theme right now, and it is blame. A great leader should not blame others for mistakes, but should stand up and admit them. This is a complete lack of leadership from our nation’s president.



Veepstakes Tuesdays: Jeb Bush

12 06 2012

With Florida being a continual toss-up state, many people believe that Romney should look there to find his running mate. While most people believe that Marco Rubio is the answer to this search, others think that Jeb Bush would make a better alternative.

Bush, father of former President George H. W. Bush and brother of former President George W. Bush, is the former governor of Florida, and certainly does not lack the pedigree to lead at the top level. He has proven that he can win as a Republican in Florida, which automatically gives you a few points on a VP score card, and he has been making a lot of news lately.

Unfortunately for him, most of this news has carried negative headlines despite the fact that his words were twisted out of context. Despite the fact that his son says he would take the job if asked, Bush has said many times that he is not interested in taking the job, but he wants Rubio to get the nomination. If selected as the nominee, the Democrats will attack this statement. Also, he is still too closely associated with his brother’s administration, which still holds a negative connotation with many people.

I personally do not think that he would add anything to the ticket if asked to be the nomination, and if not played carefully, he might actually hurt Romney’s chances at the presidency. I have heard a lot of buzz surrounding Bush the past few days, but I do not think that he will be the one to get the nomination.

Like usual, here are my sources & comment below and tell me who you want to be the VP nominee.