Veepstakes Special: Paul Ryan is Selected

11 08 2012

Romney/Ryan 2012
Image Credit: Shannon Stapleton/REUTERS

With the running mate now selected, this means game on for Mitt Romney.

When the news broke last night that Romney was set to announce his running mate this morning on the USS Wisconsin, the Twitter blew up with speculation that the nominee was Paul Ryan, and a few minutes later, top Republicans were leaking the confirmation of this speculation.

First let’s start off by discussing the timing of the announcement. I think this was a mistake from Romney’s camp. He waited a little too long to announce, and some of the excitement was gone. Also, he didn’t give enough time to really build up the announcement. The news broke around 10 o’clock central time and the announcement rally was coming at 8 o’clock central time the next morning, which was a Saturday. A lot of people do not check the news on Friday nights and then sleep in late on Saturday mornings.

Then there is the idea of the app that was going to announce it to everyone before the media knew. This announcement came around 6 o’clock this morning, while most people are still asleep, and it is only worse in time zones that are further west than I am. This basically made the app completely pointless.

As you can tell, I think the timing of the announcement was not the best, but now it’s time to talk about Ryan as the VP nominee.

Let me first start things off by saying that Ryan was not my favorite to be Romney’s running mate, but I think he is a good pick. With this choice, Romney shows that he is extremely focused on the economy, and is putting that as the number one, two and three priorities for this campaign. Ryan is the current Chairman of the House Budget Committee, and has made many headlines for his budgets. Democrats are set to attack these budgets which have featured severe cuts to medicare and social security. However, Romney needs to focus on the fact that Ryan is one of the only people who is consistently bringing a balanced budget to Congress.

Ryan is also a very young guy who has a proven record of appealing to moderates and women, which are two key demographics that Romney has struggled with and are needed to win in November. He is from the Midwest and can give boosts in several key states (Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio) that Republicans are trailing in. He showed during his speech this morning that he knows how to energize a crowd and that he isn’t afraid to call out the President on failed policies.

With Ryan on the ticket, to core conservative Republican base is excited and fired up about this election. Many top conservatives are praising Romney for his choice of Ryan; however, many top Democrats are just as excited about this because they see it playing into their strategy. Watching the news this morning, Joe Trippi, a top liberal strategist, is saying that Romney made the right choice to give this election a boost for Romney.

With mixed reactions from strategist, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think Marco Rubio might have been a better choice for a running mate, but Ryan is a great choice. The chemistry that the two have when they are campaigning is absolutely unmatched, and Ryan has shown that he has what it takes to win this election.


Veepstakes Tuesday: The Perfect VP Candidate

3 07 2012

This week I’ve decided to do my Veepstakes Tuesday post a little differently. Instead of choosing one particular person, I’ve decided to piece together what it takes to be the perfect VP nominee. I’m looking at what would be the best political move (more of an outside, campaigning point of view) and a policy move when piecing together this perfect candidate.

Going into this general election, we must look at several different factors in determining what will help Republicans take back the White House: the current president, the current Republican nominee and mistakes that have been made in the past few elections.

The biggest things to note with the current president is a phenomenal speaker, who can easily get Americans on his side. Also, he holds key advantages in younger voters, single women and minorities. That being said, Romney is stiff and not the most relaxed speaker, which makes him hard to connect with the average American voter. He does hold pretty key advantages with white voters, men and older voters. He also has more economic experience than Obama does.

Looking at these key facts will give a lot to shape this perfect nominee. The VP nominee needs to be someone who can captivate an audience, but he or she must not overshadow Romney. Also, this perfect nominee must be able to appeal to the voters that Obama seemingly has a stranglehold on. Also, Romney doesn’t need to worry about finding someone whose specialty is the economy because he already has that. Instead, he should look to someone who has a lot of foreign policy expertise, which he does not have.

When it comes to trying to appeal to the key voters that Obama has sizable leads with, it is a very tricky situation. Romney has to find someone who can steal some of these votes without the left saying that he is only doing it to get those votes. This means not putting a woman on the ticket to try and the the woman vote, unless she is a strong candidate who will not back down. The best bet is to place a young, attractive male on the ticket. This was how Obama got a lot of the female vote in 2008 because he was a younger attractive male. When dealing with a minority, it might be best not to choose a minority candidate unless he or she is someone who has been talked about a lot. We must also look into the fact that this race will be determined by a few key states, so picking someone from one of these states will help along the way as well.

When it comes to avoiding past mistakes, I will refer a lot to the 2008 election. While, I am a huge Sarah Palin fan, the biggest mistake of the election was choosing someone who had not been exposed to the national media at a large level. She was put into the national spotlight from near obscurity, and she did not really know how to handle herself. The lesson that needs to be taken away from this is that the nominee will need to be someone who has been in the spotlight for a while as a top political figure.

To narrow it down, Romney’s VP nominee should be a young, attractive male who has a commanding presence and foreign policy experience. Also, he must be well exposed to the national media and preferably be from a swing state.

Best candidates (In order of being the perfect fit): Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Condoleezza Rice, Bobby Jindal, Kelly Ayotte

Presidential Election Update

13 06 2012

I’ve spent plenty of times looking at polls and trying to figure out how the presidential election will turn out this year. Below is the map I created thanks to Real Clear Politics.

I have made some changes to the RCP predictions just based on current polls and history. I took most of the likely states and made them safe. There a few states that are starting to lean in one direction but could ultimately change depending on the VP nominee, and there are some states that the lead for Obama is starting to decrease.

I took North Carolina, Arizona and Missouri out of the toss-up category and moved them into the leans Romney category based on recent polling that suggests that Romney is picking up more support in those states than Obama is.

I think that Florida will end up going for Romney, but I did not change it on the map because it is still too close to decide for sure. A VP nominee could ensure Florida would go red, but at this point is still too close.

As of right now, New Hampshire will go blue, but if Romney takes Kelly Ayotte as his VP, it could sway the state into red category. This is the only reason that I left it as a toss up.

Michigan will probably end up going blue as well, but the most recent poll from there shows Romney up one.

Right now, I believe that Nevada will probably go blue, but we all know that Nevada is always up in the air. Also, I have Pennsylvania in the leaning Obama instead of likely because Romney has been pouring money into the state and has reduced Obama’s lead in the state.

Right now, the biggest few states are Virginia, Ohio, Colorado and Wisconsin. These are going to be hard fought battles that can decide this whole election. Virginia will be were a lot of money is spent trying to persuade swing voters. Most of the polls are within the margin of error, but Obama is still losing a little steam in the state. Ohio is in a similar situation, but starting to lean a little more Romney than Virginia is. Nearly all of the polls from Colorado show a one point lead for Obama, so it is still too close to call there. Wisconsin is slowly drifting towards Romney after Walker’s big win in the recall election. Also, a Romney/Ryan ticket could sway Wisconsin.

I think that this election will ultimately come down to one state: Virginia. Expect major campaigning to go on their, and if Romney plays his cards right with the VP nominee that will appeal to the voters of Virginia, he might just become the next president.

Tell me what you think below!

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Veepstakes Tuesdays: Paul Ryan

29 05 2012

One Republican who has stood out in the past few years as one of the GOP’s rising stars is Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.  Ryan is the sometimes controversial Chairman of the House Budget Committee, who is known for is fiscally conservative budgets that have challenged both Republicans and Democrats to make drastic spending cuts.

Ryan first was elected to Congress in 1998 at the age of 28 and has made a name of himself in the political arena. He easily won reelection in 2008 & 2010 despite the fact that Obama carried his district in 2008.

Ryan has made a lot of noise in the media recently, not just with his spending-slashing budgets, but with his attacks of Obama. Just last week, he told a crowd at the Reagan Library in California, “We face not just a failed president, but a failed ideology.”

He has been campaigning for Romney since he endorsed him before the Wisconsin primary. When asked about taking the nomination, Ryan said that he has not shut down the idea, and would need to have that conversation with his wife if asked to be the nominee.

Ryan does come from a state that is currently being considered a toss-up by RCP, which could help Romney get to that all important 270 electoral votes. He also has a lot of name recognition across the country, and is younger and can appeal to younger crowd. However, his budget proposals have created a lot of controversy, and his age could hurt him with people saying that he is too young for the job.

I don’t think that Ryan will get the nomination because Romney has said that he ultimately would like to take someone who has been governor of a state as his nominee.

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The End Of The Economy?

17 04 2012

If government spending doesn’t slow down, the economy as we know it could end in 2027. After Tim Geithner presented Obama’s budget, Paul Ryan showed a Congressional Budget Office chart that estimates that the American economy will shut down in 2027

The reasoning for this? Government Spending.

So according to this chart, the access government spending that the Obama administration has added to with massive bailout will cause the American economy to collapse in 15 years. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is definitely proof enough that Congress should pass the Balanced Budget Amendment, but Obama and Harry Reid have made sure that this wouldn’t be passed until at least 2013.

Conveniently for Obama, an Australian research scientist has recently come out and said that the MIT research from 1972 is still on track for the global economy to start collapsing in 2030. It looks like we will just be leading the pack in yet another thing.

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