Has Romney Forgotten About Attackable Issues?

1 11 2012

A lot of this election has focused on the two candidate repeating the same thing about the same issues over and over. However, there are several things that Romney should have brought up that could have hurt Obama more.

I think one of the biggest overlooked attackable issues is the Fast and the Furious scandal. This was a huge stain on Obama’s record because Americans were killed by foreigners using American weapons. This could have swayed a few undecided voters to Romney’s side because it could have gotten a lot of media traction since Obama doesn’t have strong counterargument when he is pressed on this issue. This could have effected some foreign policy decisions as well as immigration policies. However, the reason this might have been left out of discussions is because Romney might have wanted to stay away from anything that would bring up immigration talk because he knows that it might turn away some hispanic voters.

Another thing that hasn’t been discussed a lot has been gas prices. This has been brought up a little more than Fast and the Furious, but  it still is such a great topic that is very relatable to many Americans. He could easily blame Obama because gas prices have gone up significantly since he took office and he has blocked the passage of the pipeline which could have helped lower gas prices. The only downfall to this plan is that gas prices have dropped a little, and Romney would not want to make the Saudi’s angry with him by saying that we would cut some of our purchases from them.

While these are not the only things that could have been discussed more and these things were discussed some, these could obviously been discussed more and would have helped Romney.

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Does Hollywood Really Influence Voters?

30 10 2012

With many celebrities endorsing either Mitt Romney or Barak Obama, some are asking if these endorsements actually matter.

I definitely don’t think that these endorsements can hurt a candidate, but the big question is whether or not they help. I don’t believe that an endorsement from Lindsay Lohan won’t help Mitt Romney, but having Kid Rock play at a rally could bring out some undecided voters that could be swayed by a celebrity. The same is true for Obama as well. If Beyonce plays at a rally for Obama, undecided voters might show up for that.

One place where celebrity endorsements matter the most is younger voter turnout. Younger voters tend to be more easily swayed and know less about the policies that make up an election, so if one of their favorite celebrities endorses a candidate, they are more likely to show up to the polls on election day and vote for that person.

Ultimately, in a 2008 these endorsements would really have effected the outcome of the election; however, with this election being so close in a handful of states that if the right celebrity shows up and campaigns for one of the candidates it actually could make a difference this time around.

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Could 2012 Be Another 2000?

29 10 2012

I’m finally back!

With the election next week, polls are becoming more and more relevant as the days go on. Romney left the first debate with all of the momentum in his favor, and Obama has done nothing to stop that momentum, only slow it down a little.

Currently, many national polls show Romney with a lead in the polls, including two consecutive Gallup polls with Romney up 5%. However, if you break down the electoral map, Obama has a fairly large advantage. Does this mean that just like in 2000, one candidate can win the popular vote and another win the electoral college? It is quite possible.

If you look at the current electoral landscape, it is looking really difficult for Romney to pull out a win simply because Obama has slight leads in most of them, and he won all of these states in 2008. The reason that Romney is leading nationally is because many of his solid states, he has such huge leads in that it balances out the amount of states Obama has large leads in. The one bright side for Romney’s campaign is that many of these polls are within the margin of error and in reality, he could actually be winning all of these states. Ultimately, expect a lot of time to be spent in Ohio and Virginia in the next week because the polls come back differently everyday.

These next few days are going to be extremely crucial in deciding the future of our country, and absolutely anything can happen. Stay tuned daily for updates.

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Veepstakes Special: Paul Ryan is Selected

11 08 2012

Romney/Ryan 2012
Image Credit: Shannon Stapleton/REUTERS

With the running mate now selected, this means game on for Mitt Romney.

When the news broke last night that Romney was set to announce his running mate this morning on the USS Wisconsin, the Twitter blew up with speculation that the nominee was Paul Ryan, and a few minutes later, top Republicans were leaking the confirmation of this speculation.

First let’s start off by discussing the timing of the announcement. I think this was a mistake from Romney’s camp. He waited a little too long to announce, and some of the excitement was gone. Also, he didn’t give enough time to really build up the announcement. The news broke around 10 o’clock central time and the announcement rally was coming at 8 o’clock central time the next morning, which was a Saturday. A lot of people do not check the news on Friday nights and then sleep in late on Saturday mornings.

Then there is the idea of the app that was going to announce it to everyone before the media knew. This announcement came around 6 o’clock this morning, while most people are still asleep, and it is only worse in time zones that are further west than I am. This basically made the app completely pointless.

As you can tell, I think the timing of the announcement was not the best, but now it’s time to talk about Ryan as the VP nominee.

Let me first start things off by saying that Ryan was not my favorite to be Romney’s running mate, but I think he is a good pick. With this choice, Romney shows that he is extremely focused on the economy, and is putting that as the number one, two and three priorities for this campaign. Ryan is the current Chairman of the House Budget Committee, and has made many headlines for his budgets. Democrats are set to attack these budgets which have featured severe cuts to medicare and social security. However, Romney needs to focus on the fact that Ryan is one of the only people who is consistently bringing a balanced budget to Congress.

Ryan is also a very young guy who has a proven record of appealing to moderates and women, which are two key demographics that Romney has struggled with and are needed to win in November. He is from the Midwest and can give boosts in several key states (Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan and Ohio) that Republicans are trailing in. He showed during his speech this morning that he knows how to energize a crowd and that he isn’t afraid to call out the President on failed policies.

With Ryan on the ticket, to core conservative Republican base is excited and fired up about this election. Many top conservatives are praising Romney for his choice of Ryan; however, many top Democrats are just as excited about this because they see it playing into their strategy. Watching the news this morning, Joe Trippi, a top liberal strategist, is saying that Romney made the right choice to give this election a boost for Romney.

With mixed reactions from strategist, it will be interesting to see how this plays out. I think Marco Rubio might have been a better choice for a running mate, but Ryan is a great choice. The chemistry that the two have when they are campaigning is absolutely unmatched, and Ryan has shown that he has what it takes to win this election.

Veepstakes Tuesday: When Romney Announce?

31 07 2012

In my last column, I said that Romney was set to announce within the next few days. Well, it has been two weeks, and we still do not know who his running mate will be. This has fueled the VP speculation even more in the past weeks, than ever before.

With Bob McDonnell now looking like the front runner, many people are just waiting to hear this confirmed or denied, so the big question is when will Romney announce?

Just today, the Romney campaign sent out emails telling people to download the official VP app. This app will supposedly bring the user breaking news about the VP announcement even before the media knows. While I am not 100 percent sure how this will work, it does show that the announcement will take place soon. The team is really pushing people to download this app not just through emails, but also on Facebook as well.

Since Romney is just returning to the country, it seems like this adds to the list of reasons why he will announce soon. He is kicking off his bus tour on August 10, which is when John McCain made is announcement of Sarah Palin. This is a lot later than many expected Romney to announce. He has said several times that he will announce a few weeks before the National Convention. While technically, this would be a few weeks before the Convention, it is a lot later than many believed.

Expect the announcement to come in the next week. They are upping their publicity surrounding the announcement, which the campaign itself has not done that much of. His staff knows that they cannot carry this out much longer or people will get bored with the drama, so they will be announcing soon. If I had to guess, I would say either Thursday or Saturday, but that is just my guess, and not official.

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Veepstakes Tuesdays: Tim Pawlenty

17 07 2012

Speculation has grown about the potential Vice Presidential nominee with Mitt Romney reportedly set to announce his choice at some point this week.  Some reports are saying that Romney has narrowed down his list to three people: Tim Pawlenty, Rob Portman and Bobby Jindal.

To fuel this speculation even more, Romney’s team announced today that they have hired the VP staff. Randy Bumps, the former National Republican Senatorial Committee political director, will be the director of operations and Kevin Sheridian, a former Republican National Committee spokesman, will be the communications director.

Now back to the potentially last speculation post from me, and the business of breaking down the pros and cons of Pawlenty.

Pawlenty is the former Governor of Minnesota who served from 2003-2011, and is the only person who entered this Presidential race who is seriously being considered as a potential VP nominee, probably because he dropped out of the race before any of the primaries took place and endorsed Romney early on.

Pawlenty checks off many of the criteria that is needed for the VP candidate. He’s socially conservative, he can connect with working class voters, he is from the midwest and he has no direct ties to the still controversial Bush presidency. These things are all key in picking a VP nominee.

However, the biggest problem with Pawlenty is that he is one of the most boring guys in politics. There is even a mockery website called excitingthingsbouttimpawlenty.com that lists nothing. Also, he doesn’t really bring a lot different to the ticket. As a governor, he doesn’t have foreign policy experience, he doesn’t excite a crowd and he doesn’t appeal to minority voters that Romney desperately needs.

With many people calling for Romney to pick a “safe” choice, Pawlenty’s name comes up a lot. However, for most people, he crosses the line from safe to boring, which is what Romney needs to stay away from.

Overall, I will be disappointed to see a Romney/Pawlenty ticket because I think there are many better people for the job. I will still support them, and hope that he can defeat Obama in November.

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Romney Speaks at NAACP Convention

12 07 2012

This week, presumptive GOP Presidential Nominee spoke at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Convention. Many people have questioned whether or not this was a good campaign move from the Romney team.

Some people have called his speech “hollow” and a “missed opportunity” because the people in the room were not his primary audience and he was booed twice. I watched a pathetic argument on The View this morning (don’t judge me, this whole feud with DirecTV and Viacom has severely limited the amount of channels I can watch). This argument consisted of Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg basically saying that Romney was a horrible person. Then Elisabeth Hasselbeck started yelling at them because Romney can do no wrong. And finally, Sherri Sheperd came out with the best argument of all of them. She said that she respected what Romney did, but did not think that he chose the best language to use. She suggested that he have not talked about Obamacare because a majority of African Americans support it, but instead have focused on the fact that the unemployment rate among African Americans is significantly higher than among whites.

Personally, I agree with Sherri Sheperd by saying that he probably could have done a little better with tailoring his message towards the people he was speaking in front of. However, I think it did show a lot of Americans that he is being consistent with his message and that he is not going to compromise his integrity and pander to each audience.

What are you’re thoughts on Romney’s Speech?

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